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Welcome to Meatandseafood.com
Meatandseafood.com is a gourmet food store dedicated to providing you with the highest quality steaks and seafood in the industry.​ Our products are individually vaccum-packed for maximum freshness and come with easy to prepare cooking instructions. Browse our store for a closer look at our fine products and  you will  find our quality and choices are smply the best.

We are a gourmet food store dedicated to providing you with the best fresh flash frozen steaks and seafood in the industry and delicious prepared dishes that would save you time. We've got a great variety of steaks and seafood - the same quality you'll have at a five star restaurant now you can have at home. Flash frozen and delivered to your door to give you the fresh seafood experience you've been missing! We know you love the taste of juicy steak. We've taking the guesswork out of the steak selection by evaluating and choosing the finest vendors and suppliers for our products. This is not grocery store meat, our steaks come from the best cattle in the country. They are meticulously trimmed, precisely packaged and handled with care every step of the way to your door. We guarantee your complete satisfaction. We have been food service distributor for more then 15 years and we work with all the major suppliers. Being a complete gourmet food store, we also offer a hand-picked selection of fine quality prepared dishes to simplify your meal times. Our clients were looking for delicious meals, but ones that could be prepared quickly and simply after a long and busy day. Our buyers went out, tested each meal an selected the Best Of The Best for you to choose. Please take a look at the variety we offer and remember that the quality, taste and satisfaction of these dishes have been tasted by a panel of connoisseurs. The steaks and seafood you see here are the best in the industry. Order today and see it for yourself!
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Go to the product page for  pricing  and a complete list of our items. Call for our daily specials and to order.
Go to the product page for pricing and a complete list of our items. Call for our daily specials and to order
call 302-656-2899